Daniel Brooks The path of psychotherapy is to navigate the world in the best possible manner with a goal toward greater understanding of functional and dysfunctional patterns, so that personal fulfillment can be obtained. If you feel ready to start your path toward this greater understanding contact Daniel Brooks today.

Call 215-431-6674 or email for an appointment.

Daniel Brooks, LCSW has office locations in the following areas:

  • Brooklyn’s Park Slope 11217
  • Midtown Manhattan NYC 10107
  • New Hope, PA 18938



Initial consultations are free and a treatment plan is made by both parties. Fees, on a sliding scale, range from $40-$100 per 45 minute session and Brooks accepts out-of-network insurance claims. His approach is sincere, caring and he prides himself on making both fees and treatment plans creatively happen for individuals who desire to grow.

Inquiries returned immediately and appointments set as soon as possible.