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The path of psychotherapy is to navigate the world in the best possible manner with a goal toward greater understanding of functional and dysfunctional patterns, so that personal fulfillment can be obtained. In plain words - psychotherapy “tunes and tones up” an individual so that his or her choices in life become more apparent and achievable. Skill and progress in getting what you want in life—in relationships, jobs, creativity—thwarts dysfunctional anxiety and depression.

It is difficult to travel on this progressive adventure alone. A working alliance between the therapist and patient is defined from the beginning and constantly re configured. Emotional and physical health is the objective, but work from the therapist and the patient must be done to achieve this balance. Often the road is not easy and there are always potholes, but it is the therapists job to look out for rough roads and help steer the patient down the “right” track. That, for every individual, means a different thing and therapy helps to illuminate the way.

“Choosing Fulfillment” is a ten week sequential group of no more than ten gay adults which borrows from the principles and exercises outlined in Harville Henrix's “Getting the Love you Want.” The exercises are easy but extremely thought provoking, designed to heighten awareness of how life-long learned patterns of behavior are at work in our every day choices in relationships.

This is an extremely well received and effective group for people who are finding themselves continually repeating dysfunctional moves that lead to unproductive interactions with friends, partners and romantic and/or sexual interests, as well as misinterpreted actions on the work front.

Many participants have said that what they learned from their work in the ten weeks has sustained them in making daily better and more fulfilling options in life without additional journey.

Others have moved from this group to further individual and/or traditional group therapy in order to continue what they learned within this short term group.

“Breaking Bad” is a group specifically designed for gay men who, many times a result of being shamed for being “different” early on in their lives, have adopted unproductive and often addictive habits—including sex and pornography-- that reflect their “outlaw” self-images. This group is longer term psychotherapy in nature but not interminable. Each new group discusses their goals and negotiates the duration of the initial group, which is reviewed at the designated end point and can be renewed.

At first the group focuses on their thoughtful self-understanding and early experiences then gradually moves toward vocalizing, with the help of each other, how these experiences effect their everyday lives. Group members give their recommendations and input into how a group member can move toward a new self—one not reliant on being “bad” to sustain self-esteem.

As time goes on, the group realizes that emphasizing “good” characteristics and rejecting how “bad” makes them special. As thoughts happen and are vocalized, new actions emerge which eventually serve to alter long term habits. Once a dysfunctional habit is replaced by a functional one, a character shift takes place that leads to milestone changes.

“Survivor” is a group of no more than ten, of any age and gender. The group is composed of adults who have recently (within the last year) experienced a loss---whether from love, self-esteem, divorce, separation or death. The focus of this group is supportive and non-confrontational, as group members share their unique reactions to their individual loss. The loss is often experienced as sadness, anxiety, and often accompanied by confusion and anger.

This is not a bereavement group—it is a supportive group about survival, letting go and moving on. Group members often share their experiences in what has helped them to conquer fears of being separated, alone or helpless. They share new ways of communicating, socialization opportunities, and discuss sex. It is a group that uses the past to help map a new, hopeful and often better charted, future.


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